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Mycosis – Treatment

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Mycosis  – Treatment

Remember that in the fight against fungus, natural healing (therefore – cleaning the body without acidifying at the same time) has to be done from the inside. External treatment by various ointments and creams may slightly reduce the symptoms of the disease but will not bring the results.

In the mycosis treatment  we need to remember about :

* Adequate personal hygiene (washing hands frequently, separate towels)
* Very frequent replacement of the toothbrush with a new one
* Use of appropriate cleaning mouthwash
* Limited use of swimming pools and SPA’s
* Very cautious feet hygiene
* Airy and light footwear
* Own equipment for manicure and pedicure,

Using these guidelines, we can begin treatment against mycosis.

During mycosis treatment we can distinguish several stages (treatment is highly purifying the body):

STAGE ONE – a tough strike (links):

This phase should last until the end of ParaProteX package (100 tablets food supplement).

1. ParaProteX - a key product in the fight against mycosis. Usual dose is 2 tablets 3 times a day. We use in the morning and in the evening before the meal, and at noon after a meal.
2. Nopalin - proper work of the digestive system. Usual dose: 1 tablet before a meal 3 times a day. Tablet needs a glass of hot water to wash it down.
3. Polynesian Noni – to increase body resistance and speed up elimination of toxins from the body (in this case fungus) Apply 2 times a day with 30 ml (1 cap) in the morning and evening. Once opened, keep refrigerated.
4. AC Zymes - the natural bacterial flora, slows down growth and reproduction of fungi. Take 2 tablets before a meal 3 times a day.

STEP TWO – defending what we won (links):

This phase starting immediately after the first one. We use it for 4 weeks.

1. Omega 3 – unsaturated fatty acids have an anti – inflammation properties . We use it once a day after a meal.
2. Nopalin – fiber that provide nutritional support for weight management diets, as well as detoxifying regimens. We use 1 tablet before a meal 3 times a day. Remember to drink a glass of hot water to wash Nopalin down, it is best to chew.
3. AC Zymes – the natural bacterial flora, the inner guard of our immune system and digestive tract. We use 2 times a day – 2 tablets before a meal.

STEP THREE – finish the enemy.

This phase is based on  removing individual fungi that hasn’t been eliminated in earlier stages. We use the same set of products as in the first stage.

STAGE FOUR –  finding balance and cleansing the body.
Repeat the treatment with the second stage and finally we have peace.

During treatment various phases are necessary. Our body after a strong elimination of fungi is not able to expel them all from the body. Therefore we suggested a 2nd stage called “cleansing”, so that in the 3rd phase you can entirely clean up the fungi from your body. The 4th stage – when the body is already cleaned as if “dusting after a complete refurbishment”.
ATTENTION !!! CaliVita’s products are 100% natural origin.

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