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Vaginal mycosis

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Inti Mycosis – Vaginal mycosis

Fungal infection of the genital tract in women may be local, but often happens that this is a systemic mycosis. In local fungal infection lactic acid bacteria may be topically applied.

This can be done through local irrigation of the affected places with Ac-Zymes product (the natural bacterial flora).

In the case of recurrent vaginal mycosis, the source of infection presents usually  in the large intestine. The construction of the female body, anus and urethra encourages  infections and the spread of fungi and bacteria.

Excessive consumption of sweets and sugar causes susceptibility in women to the vaginal fungal infection (sugar is a favourite aliment for fungi plus the conditions in the vagina are ideal for development).  Additionally, common inflammation of the bladder cause the vulnerability to fungal vaginal increases .

Vaginal mycosis may be caused by following fungus:

* Candida albicans
* Candida glabrata
* Candida tropicalis
* Candida krusei
* Candida kefyer
* Candida guilliermondii

What influences the decrease in resistance and recurrence of vaginal fungal infection?

* Lack of proper personal hygiene,
* Menopause,
* Frequent bathing in swimming pools and SPA’s
* Disruption of mucous membranes and skin caused by wearing strings or aggressive sexual life
* Excessive consumption of sweets,
* Transmitting fungal infection from your partner during intercourse
* All hormonal therapies and antibiotics, including contraception,
* Hypothyroidism
* Diabetes
* Bad choice of soap for intimate hygiene.

Symptoms of vaginal mycosis:

* Vaginal discharge, pain and burning,
* Itching, especially before menstruation,
* Swollen and inflamed vaginal mucosa,
* Painful intercourse and menstruation,
* Recurrent bladder infection,
* Crotch, navel, and groin – may be full of pustular eruptions,
* Asymptomatic pain in abdomen
* Genital Herpes

* Miscarriages
Treatment of vaginal mycosis (links):

1. IntiMoments - cream acts as a lubricant that maintain health and proper hydration of the epithelial cells.  Applied before or during intimate intercourse or in case of itching  lubricate intimate places 2 times a day.
2. ParaProteX - cleaning fungi from the inside. Use 2 tablets 3 times a day. Morning and evening before eating and at noon after meal.
3. AC Zymes – the natural bacterial flora. 2 tablets before a meal 3 times a day.
4. Garlic Caps – natural garlic capsules. Take 1 × 2 capsules at night before sleep.

ATTENTION! CaliVita’s products are 100% natural origin.

To obtain a rapid improvement of treatment you need to take a special care of your diet. At the time of treatment alcohol, sweets, sugar, cigarettes should be avoided as well as  hormone therapy such as contraception and replacement therapy in menopause. It is very important to take care of personal hygiene and wash intimate places with acidic water –  for external use only.

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